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Add a new dimension to your shoe collection with our trendy and sustainable vegan shoes. Find out more about our diverse product range in this article.

Our vegan shoes not only stand for style and trend, but also for environmental awareness and ethical production. We use high-quality, sustainable materials such as mushroom leather, eucalyptus fibre and recycled PET plastic to make our contribution to positive change for the environment and support ethical and sustainable fashion.

Comfort is our top priority. Our vegan shoes offer an optimal fit and support to keep you comfortable all day long. Lightweight, breathable and with cushioned insoles, they provide extra comfort whether you're exploring the city or out in nature. Their combination of style and functionality makes them the ideal choice for any occasion. They are also hardwearing and durable, making them a worthwhile investment for those looking to build a sustainable and fashionable shoe collection.

In addition to the ecological and ethical benefits, our vegan shoes offer a versatile selection of styles and designs to suit every taste. From casual trainers to elegant ballerinas, our collection has something for every occasion and personality. With their versatility, our vegan shoes are a practical and fashionable addition to any wardrobe.

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Our 100% plastic-free and biodegradable mushroom material gives a distinctive feel. Softer, velvety and more breathable than conventional leather, mushroom leather offers modern elegance and a fresh shine as a vegan alternative. The antibacterial and breathable mushroom fibres ensure an airy and dry shoe climate. The marbled surface of the mushroom leather enhances any outfit, be it sporty or elegant, while the tonal elements of the sole perfect the innovative aesthetic. These trainers combine a first-class eco-balance and a refined leather look for maximum environmental friendliness and unrivalled, good-looking comfort. 

Organic Sneaker Women Image 1


Organic Sneaker Women Image 2


Organic Sneaker for Women & Men



The Wood Sneaker Slip-On made from eucalyptus fibres offers an effortless on and off experience thanks to its easy-fit system and soft natural fibre knit. The lightweight EVA outsole and thermo-regulating insole made from durable natural fibres ensure unrestricted comfort all day long. With their breathable design, these trainers create a pleasant climate for airy feet and lightness, whether walking, standing or sitting - especially on hot days. They also impress with their trendy look.  

Wood Sneaker Slip-On Women Image 2


Wood Sneaker Slip-On Women Image 3


Wood Sneaker Slip-On for Women & Men



The Eco trainers offer perfect comfort from a single source! Their sporty knitted upper is seamlessly crafted from a single PET yarn for a smooth feel. The high-performance yarn is knitted specifically for each area of the foot to combine performance and comfort. Thanks to the 3D knitting technique, the shoe moulds to the foot while maintaining its aesthetics. The foot glides effortlessly through the soft, smooth inner part of the sneaker, while the heel rests comfortably on the specially padded part made of high-quality merino wool. The EVA sole with matching rubber elements in the toe and heel area completes the look and functionality of the Eco sneakers by maximising grip and stability with minimal weight. 

Eco Sneaker Giesswein


Eco Sneaker Giesswein


Eco Sneaker for Women & Men



Yes, shoes made from wood! We use wood fibres from the fast-growing eucalyptus tree in the production of our Wood sneakers. This sustainable material is extremely soft, cooling, breathable and biodegradable. Thanks to our unique 3D-Knit technology, the material fits every foot perfectly - like a glove. The padded, blister-resistant heel and the intelligently designed Advanced Grip Sole System made of lightweight EVA foam provide even more comfort. Our Wood trainers can easily be machine washed at 30°C and are available for both men and women. 

Wood Sneaker Giesswein


Wood Sneaker Giesswein


Wood Sneaker for Women & Men



Discover the casual, elegant comfort of GIESSWEIN with the Eco Ballet Flats. Made from recycled super-soft PET yarn, these shoes offer pain-free comfort day and night, whether in the office, at the next party or on an extended city tour. Thanks to the 3D stretch knit technology, the shoes mould perfectly to your feet. The Eco Ballet Flats not only impress with their appearance and quality, but also with their versatility and sustainability. With the Eco Ballet Flats, you can reduce your ecological footprint and enjoy a super-soft lifestyle shoe at the same time! 

ballerinas giesswein


ballerinas giesswein


Ballet Flats


Our vegan shoe collection stands for style, comfort and sustainability. With high-quality materials such as mushroom leather and recycled PET plastic, we not only offer an environmentally friendly alternative, but also a versatile selection of designs for every occasion. Discover our collection today and help make a positive contribution to the environment.

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Soft and comfortable, perfect for my daily walks!
Anonymous - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Stylish, breathable and eco-friendly - I just love them!
Catherine - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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