The ultimate heel spur guide: How to find the right shoes!

Living with a heel spur can be incredibly uncomfortable and challenging. Fortunately, there are specialised shoes designed to alleviate the associated discomfort. These provide additional cushioning and support in the heel area to reduce pressure and strain. A popular option are sneakers with excellent cushioning and a contoured footbed to distribute weight evenly and relieve pressure on the heel.

But what is a heel spur? A heel spur is a bony outgrowth on the heel bone that occurs as a result of repeated strain or overloading. It can cause severe pain in the heel, especially when walking or standing.

As well as choosing the right shoes, it is important to look after your feet properly and have a heel spur treated. Stretching exercises and physiotherapy can also help to alleviate the pain associated with a heel spur. By combining the right footwear with the right care and treatment, you can effectively combat the discomfort of a heel spur and continue to lead an active and fulfilling life.

Remember that the best shoes for heel spurs are those that offer comfort, support and stability. And you're sure to find what you're looking for here, as we present the ideal shoes for this problem in the next section.

Merino Runner - The Ultimate Comfort Solution for Heel Spurs

Living with a heel spur can be incredibly challenging, especially when it comes to finding the right footwear. The Merino Runner offers unrivalled comfort and support, making it a real alternative for anyone struggling with heel spurs. The innovative sole system provides excellent shock absorption, reducing the impact on the affected area and relieving pain with every step. The replaceable footbed with long-term cushioning effect ensures the right weight distribution and stability, making the Merino Runner the ideal choice for anyone who wants to free themselves from heel spur complaints.





Wood Sneaker - Cooling Comfort for Heel Spurs

When it comes to finding the best shoes for heel spurs, the Wood sneaker is a top contender. Made from ultra-soft and breathable eucalyptus fibre, it has a cooling effect that is essential for heel spur complaints. The advanced sole system and replaceable insole provide optimal support and cushioning and promote proper alignment and stability. In addition, the material used for the Wood sneaker prevents the formation of bacteria and unpleasant odours. Its unique, sustainable raw material from FSC-certified forestry also makes it an environmentally friendly option.





Eco Ballerinas - Stylish and Supportive Footwear for Heel Spurs

For those looking for stylish and supportive footwear to ease the pain of a heel spur, the Eco Ballerinas are the perfect choice. Available in both round and pointed toe styles, these ballerinas offer versatility and fashionable style while promoting stability. The use of recycled PET plastic and a robust sole make these ballerinas an ideal choice for those who value sustainability. The easy-care and water-repellent Eco Ballerinas are suitable for all weathers and also offer comfort and relief for anyone suffering from heel spur pain.




Thanks to the selection presented, from the comfortable Merino Runners to the elegant Wood sneakers and the eco-friendly Eco Ballerinas, you now have a variety of shoe models at your disposal that are specifically aimed at alleviating the discomfort of a heel spur. Whichever pair you choose, remember that comfort, support and stability are essential to your wellbeing.

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