Stripped Back Minimalist Sneakers

Minimalist sneakers are fuss-free footwear that are versatile for any outfit. Their flexibility and diverse range of styles can make planning a look both quick and effortless. It is the stripped back designs which capture audiences to pair their minimalist sneakers with workwear, evening wear and everyday wear. 

The sneakers themselves boast a range of benefits, such as comfort, practicality and style. Find out what makes a minimalist sneaker the people’s favorite now.   



A minimalist sneaker is one that does not boast extravagant designs. With simple stripped back features, they also do not have a wide range of specifications. Minimalist footwear can often be referred to as  barefoot shoes, as you can experience the comfortable feeling of walking barefoot. Other types of shoes may not offer this experience but as minimalist sneakers are fuss-free, you can even go sockless! You can be assured that these shoes offer both comfort and practically, while never going out of style.

Slip your feet into a pair of comfortable minimalist sneakers. Our range of  men’s sneakers and  women’s sneakers are perfect footwear for those looking for a stripped back shoe, but with all the comfort. Whether you are running to grab a coffee or walking to work, they are flexible to your needs.  


Minimalist sneakers can be chic and stylish but also propose a range of needed benefits. By adding a pair to your wardrobe, you could ensure year-long comfort for any occasion. Often the go to choices are between  men’s white sneakers or  women’s black sneakers. They are easy to pair for any occasion but they are best when kept clean. Other benefits include:

Comfort: A reason so many favor minimalist sneakers is for their ultimate comfort to your feet. They are often shoes which are stripped back to minimal features, so you can feel like you are walking barefoot. As footwear has developed, the addition of hard heels and narrow fittings can often feel restrictive. For this reason people turn to minimalist sneakers to experience freedom. If you are someone who wears  sneakers with arch support, you can still enjoy the benefits of these shoes, but it may be advised to check with a practitioner first.

Lightweight: As there are no extra features added to this type of shoe, the weight of the sneaker can be dramatically reduced. Typically, sneakers have been seen to add high levels of padding, in order to cushion your feet. Stripping this away not only connects your feet to the ground but could make walking easier. Lightweight shoes mean you are using less muscle strength to pick up your feet. Our  lightweight sneakers are not only comfortable but also allow your feet to breathe, even if you do decide to ditch the socks!

High-quality Materials: The craftsmanship which goes into producing a minimalist sneaker can often be different to traditional footwear. As a stripped back design the precision needed is greater, making it almost an art. High-quality materials play a big part in ensuring minimalist sneakers last the test of time. 

Merino wool is an excellent natural fibre for this footwear, as it is comfortable and long lasting. Other benefits include temperature regulating and moisture wicking properties. A combination of these features could ensure your feet do not overheat.


At Giesswein we believe that comfort is key to any shoes you put on your feet. Which is why our range of minimalist sneakers are perfect for everyday. Whether you opt for  men’s black sneakers or  women’s white sneakers, there is a choice for any wardrobe. Your daily walk has never looked better!

Discover our range of minimalist sneakers:

  • Merino Runners:  Merino Runners are one of our unisex sneakers designed with comfort in mind. When you slip your feet into a pair you will notice they offer great support. It is a support that does not sacrifice any stability. This is thanks to our unique 3D Knit-Technology and anti-slip soles.
Merino Runnerst Giesswein
  • Wood Sneaker: Our  Wood Sneaker combines a minimal carbon footprint with maximum comfort. Made from eucalyptus wood, we ensure all of our fibres are sourced from FSC certified forests. By using this fabric we are able to create a minimalist sneaker which can wick away around 50% more moisture than a cotton alternative. Keeping your feet cool and dry during the summer.
Wood Sneaker
  • Wool Sneakers: Our  Merino Wool Knit sneaker is a comfortable shoe to take on everyday. Their layers of comfort provide support to your feet making them the perfect partner for any adventure. Having the addition of  EVA soles, makes slipping your feet into a pair a dream. These soles are lighter and more flexible than traditional rubber, allowing them to move to the motion of your feet.
Wool Knit Giesswein
  • Wool Sneaker: As the world’s lightest merino shoe, our  Wool Sneaker weighs just 160 grams! That could be equivalent to 120 paperclips. We were able to produce a fantastic sneaker due to the combination of EVA soles and our 3D Knit Technology. It is how we were able to stretch the merino wool perfectly, to make you feel like you are walking barefoot.  
wool sneaker giesswein


In warmer climates, the feeling of wearing socks with your sneakers may be an unpleasant memory of sweaty feet. Those prone to sweaty feet may even think they have to abandon closed shoes during this period. But they don't have to! In minimalist sneakers you can embrace the barefoot feeling by going sockless. The  properties of merino wool mean excess moisture can be wicked away from your feet, quickly and effortlessly. Partner this with the fibres’ ability to regulate the temperature of your foot, and you have dry feet always! And it is not only summer this is helpful for, during the winter minimalist sneakers can keep your feet warm thanks to the thousands of tiny air pockets within the material’s structure. Proving that when you ditch the socks, your feet can still experience the warm, comfortable feel inside a sneaker.


Proud of our heritage, we are run by third generation Giessweins. Throughout the years our morals have stayed the same which is why we are committed to producing comfortable and cozy wool products. From  men’s wool slippers to  women’s wool slippers, we have something for the whole family. What's more, we never waste any of our materials.

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