FAQ: General

+ Who is Giesswein?$$$Giesswein is an Austrian company; we are famous for our natural, high-tech wool fabrics.  ;;; + What makes Giesswein different?$$$ We treat our wool fabrics differently than other companies, focusing specifically on our treatment of wool and sustainable wool use. This creates unique fabrics made of 100% wool. These products absorb and can carry away more moisture - and can keep you warmer - than other wool. In the footwear industry, 20% of cut material is pure waste and is lost forever. We've found a new way to process our wool while producing 0% waste.  ;;; + Sustainability at Giesswein$$$ When it comes to our products, we pay special attention to using renewable, sustainable materials and production practices. That’s why we put a lot of value on—and effort into—choosing our base materials. It’s also why we only use high-quality, mulesing-free wool which meets our high standards for animal protection and quality. We’re particularly proud of these achievements in our sustainable production processes: - 0% oil — since 2017, we no longer use oil to operate our machinery. Instead, we now use…- 100% renewable resources for the operation of our machinery. - 0% scrap waste – all of the wool scraps that accumulate during our production processes are recycled and used in new products. -Up to 90% of our water is recycled during the production process – during our milling processes, we do not use any chemicals. This allows up to 90% of the process’s water to be reused. Read even more about our Giesswein Green Strategy.