The top 5 slippers for children

Winter is gently knocking on the door, temperatures are dropping, and it's time to keep our little ones warm and cosy.

When it comes to high-quality slippers, GIESSWEIN is a name you can trust. GIESSWEIN has indeed earned an excellent reputation for its warm, comfortable, and stylish children's slippers.

In this post, we'll take a closer look at the five best GIESSWEIN slippers for the cold season. We'll introduce various models, including the popular slipper models Unterstaufen, Silz - Slim Fit, Straubing - Slim Fit, Kramsach, and Salsach.

Your child deserves only the best when it comes to keeping their feet warm and cosy. Let's explore the world of the best children's slippers together and find out which GIESSWEIN slipper is the best fit for your child.

UNTERSTAUFEN: Soft warmth and style for the little ones

When it comes to keeping your baby's delicate feet warm, the baby slippers Unterstaufen are the perfect choice. Made from soft wool, they not only provide pleasant warmth but also a snug feeling that every child will love.

The flexible natural rubber sole perfectly adapts to the child's foot, allowing your little one to move freely without sacrificing comfort. The practical Velcro closure makes it easy to put on and take off, which is especially convenient for the littlest ones.

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SILZ SLIM-FIT: The fashionable slipper

Children want one thing above all - to feel comfortable and have fun. And with the Silz - Slim Fit slipper, both are guaranteed! These comfortable cotton slippers in a classic polka dot design are so cosy that children won't want to take them off.

The soft natural rubber sole and the wide elastic band ensure flexibility and a comfortable fit. Your little adventurers can move freely in these slippers without compromising on comfort. A leather tab additionally supports the heel area, providing stability.

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Silz - Slim Fit


STRAUBING – SLIM FIT: An adventure begins

It's time for an exciting adventure, and the Straubing - Slim Fit children's slipper is ready to accompany you on a safari! With its charming lion motif on the grass-green shoe, it will make the heart of every young explorer beat faster.

When things get wild and turbulent, you can rely on the Straubing. The Velcro closure and the non-slip, stable natural rubber sole provide the necessary support, no matter where your spirit of adventure leads you. The slim-fit design of the shoe fits perfectly on children's feet, whether worn barefoot or with socks. This slipper is ideal for adventures at home and in kindergarten.

Children's Slipper, Slipper, Green Slipper, Lion Slipper

Straubing - Slim Fit


KRAMSACH KIDS: Classic cosiness

The children's hut shoe combines classic cosiness with a modern touch. This slipper is the perfect choice to keep your child's feet warm while adding a touch of style.

The knitted cuff gives this slipper a classic charm and keeps the feet nice and warm. The soft natural rubber sole provides not only a comfortable fit but also non-slip support. Children will love the feeling of walking barefoot while playing at home.

Children's Slipper, Slipper, Blue Slipper



SALSACH: The perfect shoe for the little ones

Children are fascinated by glitter and soft colours, and that's exactly what the Salsach slipper offers. This charming children's slipper impresses not only with its sweet design but also with its functionality.

The sturdy sole of the Salsach provides the necessary support and stability even for beginners taking their first steps.

Children's Slipper, Slipper, Pink Slipper



Now that you know the best options for children's slippers, wrap your little ones in comfort and style and let them enjoy the cold days to the fullest. The quality and design of GIESSWEIN will convince you, and your children will love the warmth and comfort.

Show us your individual style on Instagram at @giesswein_ and use the hashtag #giesswein. Share the joy these slippers bring to your home, and let us see how they are integrated into your everyday life. GIESSWEIN is proud to dress the little ones warmly and stylishly, and we look forward to seeing your photos.

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