Running Shoes are not just for Running!

In today’s world running shoes, are the most crucial of footwear. They're comfortable, trendy and now considered the ultimate in hybrid athleisure fashion. What's more, they're incredibly practical. Who can remember the last time they went a whole week without wearing running shoes? Very few people. When it comes to choosing running shoes, there are plenty of options on the market. Yet, choosing a new pair is so tricky that it borders on becoming a daunting task. Who hasn't visited a sports store in the mall, taken one look at the endless displays of shoes on offer and felt a little overwhelmed?  Sales shoe jargon like "vamp" or "eyelet bar" doesn’t help. At Giesswein, we remove the hassle, and acknowledge that the key to good running shoes lies in three factors: comfort, performance and durability. What mores we put these factors at the forefront when developing our Wool Peak Running Shoes.


Wool fdfWhen it comes to comfort, materials matter because every aspect of a shoe's silhouette affects its comfort. When designing the Wool Peak Running Shoes, we wanted to create a shoe with 360 degrees of comfort, and that's exactly what we did.  Premium merino wool provides breathability and unparalleled flexibility.  The wool doesn't overpower the feet with a tight, cramped feel, as is often the case with cheaper materials. Instead, merino wool conforms to the shape of the foot, providing a roomy but secure feel with every step. Merino wool is airy, moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating.  Therefore, you won't have to deal with sweaty feet when wearing them, which can lead to health problems like athlete's foot and thickened toenails - not the most pleasant of issues. The merino wool upper and accompanying interchangeable footbed in the Wool Peak Running Shoes stay fresh. That's because wool fibers are hydrophilic, meaning that wool attracts and absorbs water molecules but feels dry to the touch. Most importantly, merino wool can wick moisture vapor away from the wearer before it turns into sweat! So sweaty feet are a thing of the past. Merino wool's temperature-regulating properties also mean no more overheated feet. Moisture wicking helps keep feet cool and banishes burning foot sensations.

wool peak from giesswein

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The Giesswein Wool Peak Running Shoe is the first merino running shoe in the world to feature an energy return sole. In developing the sole, we ignored the hype surrounding the term and focused on energy itself. Contrary to what others promise, energy cannot be generated, but it can be transformed; think of the boomerang effect. When the boomerang is thrown, energy is expended, creating momentum. The top end of the boomerang changes the trajectory of the boomerang using the angular momentum and is thrown back. The buoyancy in the sole of Wool Peak Running Shoes has a similar effect. An air spring mechanism provides a technique which transfers some of the expended energy back, like a boomerang returning. This process reduces fatigue, helps knees and improves endurance for the wearer. Great news for urban dwellers who frequently walk on pavement and cemented terrain, the sole also protects against step stress and reduces strain on the arch of the foot. Then there's the grip factor: polished floor tiles, rain-soaked cobblestones - finding your footing on such surfaces can be a daily challenge in itself.  The diamond sole system in the Wool Peak Running Shoes provides a superior grip through the use of geometrics. The intricate diamond pattern on the sole uses geometry to distribute weight for a more even stride, making grip much easier. So no more slipping on marble floors!

A Material to last!

In 1879, a Danish peat worker accidently discovered some 2000 year old clothing. The pieces where almost perfectly preserved. In 2013, archaeologists discovered more 2000 years old garments, again in good condition. Can you guess what these garments were made from? Wool. This is testament to wools longevity and durability. Replacing new trainers every few month or so is a thing of the past with the Wool Peak Running Shoes.

Due to the combination of our Premium Merino and Woolfinity technology, Wool Peak Running Shoes are built to last. The material used, Premium Merino Wool is virgin wool from merino sheep, this breed of sheep have evolved to produce the finest wool fleece of all sheep. But don’t let the softness fool you, the fabric is incredible enduring. This longevity is further boosted more by Giesswein, Woolfinity technology. This involves specialized manipulation of the yarn, thus making the fibres even more resilient and water-resistant, so no more damp feet on rainy days. In terms of shelf life, this means your Wool Peak Running Shoes can be worn much longer than products made from polyester alternatives, which begin to deteriorate at a much more rapid rate and cause a plethora of foot problems. Furthermore, in terms of reducing your carbon footprint, our Premium Merino Wool is biodegradable, and we source only from mulesing free farms.

In creating the Wool Peak Running Shoes we did more than cover all bases of comfort, performance and durability. We devised new ways to address these factors, thanks to a combination of innovation and reinvention, bringing you running.

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