Here's how to correctly wear our Merino Moccasins

Laces, zippers, elastic bands - there is a wide variety of fastening techniques for shoes. Whenever possible, it is important to adapt the fastening to your own foot, in order to guarantee a perfect fit. So that you can start the day in a trendy and above all comfortable way with your Merino Moccasins, we divulge some tips for wearing and optimising these chic shoes.

The Easy-Fit system

To make it easier to put on and take off shoes, we created the Easy-Fit concept. The goal is to make putting on the shoes as easy and quick as possible. In the case of our Easy-Fit shoes, this means that you can slip into them without tugging or having to tie your laces. Our Merino Moccasins are truly comfortable shoes made of merino wool, and this is reflected in the effortless fastening technique. The elastic laces make it easy to put the shoes on. You just have to adjust the length one time and you can instantly enjoy the slip-in feeling.

Here's how to properly fit your Moccasins:

When you slip in and the shoes fit perfectly:

Basically, when you take your Merino Moccasins out of the box, slip into them and immediately feel comfortable, you can just go on. That's because the elastic fastening technique is tailored so that the average foot is securely anchored in the shoe. If your foot doesn't slip and you don't feel any unpleasant pressure points, you don't need to change anything. If you wish, you can shorten the elastic band a little. It only depends on your personal preference whether you want to leave the lace as it is or cut it flush with the metal shaft.

If the fastening is too wide:

If you have particularly thin feet, you may feel them slipping out of the shoe. In this case, you need to adjust the fastening a little. Here is the best way to do this:
  1. Pull the elastic band while holding the metal pin. The knot should be removed from the metal encasing.
  2. Untie the knot. This can be a bit of a challenge, as the knot must be tight to fit into the metal pin in the first place. But with a little patience, it is quite possible.
  3. Once the knot is undone, you can slip into the shoe and tie a new knot in the appropriate place. Try not to tie the knot too tightly, so that you can untie it and adjust it again if necessary.
  4. If the length fits, hide the knot in the metal pin.
  5. If the laces are not the same length or if they get in the way, you can cut them flush with the metal pin for a cleaner look.




A small tip:

If you are desperate to untie the knot with no luck, you can also make the new knot next to the original. If the length is right, just shorten the lace and cut the original knot. Then just hide the new knot in the metal pin as explained above.

When the fastening is too tight:

In very rare cases, it can also happen that the elastic lace is set too tight. If the elastic lace is uncomfortably tight, you should adjust the tightness. In such a case, you should undo the knot and make a new one. The best thing to do is to slip into the shoe to tie the knot and test the comfort. You can also refer to the previous instructions or to the video on how to do it.
Once your Merino Moccasins fit properly, you can easily start your day. No need to tie your shoes - just slip them on and go about your day!
Slip into the tried and true merino comfort and pamper your feet with every step.
What are you waiting for? Get your pair in the colour of your choice and enjoy the proven comfort of GIESSWEIN. Share your moccasin style with us via @giesswein_ with #giesswein on Instagram.

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