What is an EVA sole?

Discover the ultimate benefits of shoes with Eva soles. Experience unrivalled cushioning, support and durability.

When it comes to comfortable and durable shoes, an Eva sole is a real winner. This type of sole is made from ethylene vinyl acetate, a high-quality material known for its cushioning and shock-absorbing properties. Eva soles are lightweight, flexible and provide excellent support for the feet, making them a popular choice for footwear for different styles and activities. Whether you're out hiking or strolling around town, shoes with Eva soles offer an unrivalled level of comfort and stability.

Apart from the comfort factor, Eva soles are also characterised by their exceptional durability. They are wear-resistant and therefore the ideal choice for long-lasting footwear. This means you can rely on your Eva-soled shoes for years to come without having to worry about frequent replacements. With their excellent cushioning and long-lasting benefits, Eva soles are a smart investment for anyone looking for quality and performance in their footwear.

As well as being comfortable and durable, Eva soles are also easy to clean and maintain, adding to their appeal and making them an excellent choice for your next pair of shoes.

Here we show you a small selection of popular Giesswein shoes with EVA soles.


Our Merino Runners with EVA sole 


Merino Runners WOMEN


Merino Runners MEN

Merino Runners for women

Merino Runners for men


Our Wool sneaker with EVA sole  


Wool Sneaker Women


Wool Sneaker Men


Wool Sneaker for women

Wool Sneaker for men


Here are five reasons why we choose EVA soles:

  1. More flexibility. EVA tends to be softer than rubber, which means that more flexibility can be achieved.
  2. Lighter. EVA is lighter than rubber, which in combination with the merino wool upper results in a much lighter shoe.
  3. Keeps you extra warm. EVA conducts less heat than other similar materials, which means your feet stay warm for longer in cold temperatures.
  4. Shock absorption. Our EVA soles absorb impact particularly well, making for a more comfortable and smoother walk or run in our shoes.
  5. Durability. EVA soles have a long life expectancy.

Our Wood sneaker with EVA sole


Wood Sneaker Women


Wood Sneaker MEN


Wood Sneaker Women


Wood Sneaker for women

Wood Sneaker for men


In conclusion, shoes with EVA soles offer the perfect combination of comfort, flexibility and durability. These innovative soles, made from high-quality ethylene vinyl acetate, provide unrivalled comfort and excellent shock absorption, whatever the activity. They are lightweight, easy to maintain and provide excellent thermal insulation, making them particularly versatile and practical. The benefits of EVA soles make them a smart choice for anyone looking for comfortable, durable and high performance footwear. Whether you're going on a hike, strolling through the city or just looking for a reliable everyday shoe, you'll always make the right decision with shoes that have EVA soles.


What do our customers say?


A friend recommended these shoes to me a few years ago. I've bought 5 pairs since then! They are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn and I can't recommend them enough. Piers - ★★★★★


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