Comfy Work Shoes for Long Hours of Walking and Standing

If you belong to the professional groups that spend the majority of their day on their feet, then you know all too well how much strain it puts on your feet. Whether you work as a nurse in a hospital, rush around a fully occupied restaurant as a waiter/waitress, or work in any other profession that requires prolonged standing, your feet have to endure a lot. Pain at the end of the day is not uncommon – but it doesn't have to be that way. With the right shoes, you can provide your feet with the relief they need to come through the day pain-free and comfortable. That's why we proudly present our top GIESSWEIN products that can offer the highest level of comfort in these situations. Our shoes pamper your feet even on the longest, most challenging days and allow you to enjoy life to the fullest.

The Classic

Our bestseller, the Merino Runner, captures the hearts of its wearers for good reason. These shoes are the epitome of comfort and lightness. The ultra-lightweight EVA sole gently cushions every step to ensure a carefree wearing experience that lasts all day. Your feet are enveloped in finest temperature-regulating merino wool, keeping them pleasantly warm or cool depending on the weather. The merino wool upper is simultaneously flexible and durable, perfectly adapting to your foot when worn. The Merino Runner is a true all-rounder, perfect not only for leisure activities but also for work. If you're on your feet for hours almost every day, then the Merino Runner is the best choice for you. With this shoe, pressure points are no longer a problem, and your heels remain optimally protected thanks to the cushioning sole. This sneaker gives you the comfort you need to conquer the day.

Merino Runners Women Merino Runners Men

The Sporty Choice

Although our Wool Peak was primarily developed for sports, it doesn't mean it doesn't shine in other areas of daily life. This merino shoe is similarly lightweight to the Merino Runner and offers an unparalleled wearing experience with 360° merino comfort. The energy-return sole cushions every step pleasantly soft and is particularly soothing for heavily stressed heels or for heel problems such as plantar fasciitis or heel spurs. So if you're looking for additional cushioning to make hours of running around more bearable, then you should take a closer look at the Wool Peak. This shoe is not only functional but also stylish. Whether you're looking for a neutral look or a statement shoe, the Wool Peak won't disappoint you.

Wool Peak Women Wool Peak Men

3D Knit Delight

If you're convinced by the classic Merino Runner but prefer a chic knitted look, you should definitely try our Merino Wool Knit. This sneaker offers a similar wearing experience to the bestseller but is equipped with an additional layer of 3D knit, giving the shoe a fashionable appearance. The slightly narrower sneaker in a knitted style looks super trendy and is also extremely comfortable. The lightweight yet soft EVA sole ensures a pleasant walking feeling, even on the longest days.

Merino Wool Knit Women Merino Wool Knit Men

Cooling delight

If you spend long days on your feet, you know that they tend to quickly overheat, especially in summer. But don't worry - our Wood Sneaker offers the perfect solution to keep your feet cool. This sneaker is made of soft and snug eucalyptus fibres and impresses not only with its modern look but also with its wonderfully cooling properties. Eucalyptus fibres can absorb up to 50% more moisture than cotton, allowing you to bid farewell to hot and sweaty shoes. The lightweight EVA sole is also equipped with a sustainable natural rubber layer, making the shoe particularly slip-resistant. With the Wood Sneaker, you can conquer long days on your feet even in the hot summer. These shoes offer the perfect combination of comfort and functionality and make you look good as well. So grab a pair and feel the difference - your feet will thank you!

Wood Sneaker Women Wood Sneaker Men

And when the long workday is over, it's best to slip into a pampering comfort slipper for maximum comfort.

After a long day, all you want to do is take off your street shoes. However, socks and regular slippers usually don't provide the proper support for your feet - it's possible that the heel may hurt without support or walking may feel somewhat uncomfortable after such a long day on your feet. A comfort slipper with an anatomically shaped footbed could be just what you need at home. A comfort slipper provides more stability, improved posture, joint relief, has a shock-absorbing effect, and can also activate your foot muscles and stimulate blood circulation. With Vent or Veitsch, you are definitely well-equipped.

Veitsch Vent

What are you waiting for? Get yourself one of these sneakers and treat your feet well. Share your style with us on Instagram @giesswein_ with #giesswein.

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What makes anatomical slippers so comfortable?

What makes anatomical slippers so comfortable?

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