Giesswein Green Strategy

Throughout the three generations of our company’s family owned and operated business, we’ve learned to combine our knowledge of wool craftsmanship with modern, green thinking about the environment and animal protection. Choosing to use sustainable resources is, for us, not even a question: it’s the only way we do things. Our company’s roots are in Tyrol, Austria; it’s a true, natural paradise, and it’s from here that we locally produce all of our GIESSWEIN wool products. It’s because of this proximity to nature and care for our products that we’ve committed to thinking sustainably in both our production processes and material sourcing.

"Our main goal is to use—and re-use—our resources thoughtfully before, during and after the production process."

This starts with our commitment to using exclusively organic, natural materials; this is what we use to produce our products. From the operation of our machines to the recycling of our scrap material, this dedication can also be seen throughout our entire production process in our manufacturing base in Tyrol, Austria. We’re especially proud of these five highlights of our sustainable production process:


The GIESSWEIN wool manufacturing facility is located in Brixlegg, in the heart of Austrian Tyrol. All of our production takes place 100% in Austria. From the development of our designs all the way through to the production and shipping of our products, our staff members in Brixlegg take care of each step of the production process. By doing this, we reduce unnecessary shipping and transportation, and keep the ecological footprint of our wool production as small as possible.

Giesswein Local Production


For the production of our modern wool products, we exclusively use Merino wool from small farms which meet our high standards of animal welfare and wool quality. All of our wool partners hold the mulesing-free certificate. In the mulesing process, Merino sheep are mutilated without any form of anesthesia; the mulesing process involves removing wool-growing skin from the sheep in order to prevent insect-born infection. We do not believe in this process, and are proud to source our wool exclusively from independent farmers who refuse to participate in the mulesing process and who treat their Merino sheep well. Then, thanks to their many years of experience, our employees choose the finest wool from these sources—which results in a soft, cozy final product.

mulesingfree merino wool


Since 2017, we no longer use oil to operate our machines. Instead, we now use 100% renewable resources. This means that we don’t use fossil fuels in heating and operating our production facilities, and that our machines are operated with zero emissions.

no oil use


In keeping with our Zero Waste Policy, all of our wool scrap material that is left over from our wool production process is recycled and integrated into other products. With this system, we’ve created a closed cycle: even the smallest scraps of Merino wool are never wasted at Giesswein.

zero waste


Back in 1997, GIESSWEIN implemented the first water recycling production facility in Austria. During our wool production process, we don’t add any chemicals to the water—this allows us to recycle and reuse up to 90% of the water that we use. By doing this, we maintain a sustainable water usage system, which keeps our products (and therefore, your skin, too) healthy and beautiful, and saves precious water resources.

recycled water


As the third generation of the GIESSWEIN family to operate our company, we—Markus and Johannes Giesswein—have been spending time with wool since we were in kindergarten. We’ve made it our mission to reinvent the basic properties of wool in order to create one-of-a-kind products. Our goal is to use wool in such a way that its best properties are maximized. To do this, we develop and produce unique materials in our own facilities in Tyrol, Austria. We hand-pick our selection of high-quality wool, and hold ourselves to high ethical and environmental standards.

giesswein family

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