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Animal Prints: How to wear Leopard and Zebra print shoes

June 17, 2020

What to wear with animal print shoes

Get ready to get wild! Animal prints are a trend that’s here to stay—no matter the season or time of year. This year, leopard, zebra and tiger prints are especially hot. With subtle accessories or animal print shoes, this fashion trend is absolutely do-able for day to day use. Still not sure? We’ll show you how to wear these animal prints with style!


What to wear with animal prints - with these 4 tips, you’re good to go

  • For the rest of your outfit, choose colors that you also find in the animal print itself. This will give your outfit a more unified, subtle look.

  • Are you a first-time animal print wearer? Opt for shoes or accessories as your first animal print item—they’re the perfect way to pep up an ordinary outfit.

  • Pay attention to fit. Animal print with a relaxed cut will give you a chic, casual look. Combinations like a tight leopard skirt with a tight shirt, however, can often come off a bit too sexy. ;)

  • Mixing patterns can often look cool—but try to keep it to two or fewer different prints. Less is more!

Leopard Print Shoes


The Classic: Shoes with Leopard Print

The all-time favorite in the animal print world is definitely leopard print. It’s inspired both designers and trendsetters for many seasons in the past. With this eye-catching print, colors like black, white or earth-toned hues go best. For an casual, cool look: combine some destroyed jeans, a white t-shirt and our Merino Wool Knit in Leo-Design and you’re ready to go.

Leopard Print Sneaker

When done correctly, leopard print can also be perfect for elegant outfits. Try pairing our Ballet Flats in leopard print with some loose-cut trousers, a beige blouse and a light blazer jacket. Voila!

Leopard Print Flats

Speaking of ballet flats, do you know who invented them? Read the interesting history of ballet flats in our blog post.


Shoes with zebra print: strikingly discreet

If you’re going for a look that’s both uncomplicated and exciting at the same time, then zebra print is for you. The classic black and white stripes go wonderfully with every outfit. Monochrome styles in black, white or beige tones work especially well with zebra print. If you’re looking for a bit more pizzaz in your look, then add some red or blue accessories.

Zebra Print Shoes

The irregular stripes of zebra-patterned shoes also go well with bright, eye-catching colors. A chic, pink dress with zebra print ballerina flats—the perfect outfit for a warm summer day. Worried about hot, sweaty feet on those high-temperature days? No worries—our Ballet Flats can be washed quickly and easily in the washing machine.

Zebra Print Flats


Animal Print All Over

Are you a brave fashionista who loves extravagant outfits? Then you should definitely try out the “animal print all over” look. Start by pairing two different clothing items with different animal prints—like a leopard print coat with zebra print shoes. The most important part here is to stick with the same color tone throughout, and to choose neutral, monochrome accessories. Real animal print experts can even try mixing eccentric patterns together for a more wild look. Polka dots with a zebra print will give you a unique, geometrical look—or if you want something more daring, try pairing leopard print with floral patterns. The sky’s the limit!


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